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"Emotionally raw lyrics. Immense choruses. Turbulent indie-rockers Wolventrix are definitely ones to watch." NME.COM (UK)

Wolventrix met and started writing whilst studying in Oxford. Following various stints in Vienna, Khartoum, Milan and Montpellier, Tom Walkden (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Alex Billig (backing vocals and piano), Chris Potter (lead guitar), Tristan Gilchrist (drums) and Tony Creaton (bass guitar) had all moved to London by 2006.

Not wishing to lose the international flavour, Wolventrix signed to Fabrique Records in 2007 and recorded their debut "The Berlin EP" with producer Arnold Kasar (Atomhockey, Nylon) in Berlin. The debut album Ours Till Dawn was recorded In Vienna with exciting young producer, Victor Gangl.

There’s something for everyone here as Ours Till Dawn smashes its way to the front of the stage with music to alternately elevate and devastate, a journey through escapist dreams to rejecting romantic clichés and finally waking up to the whisky on the bedside table.

Traditional song-writing values are here in abundance. Tom Walkden’s lyrical craftsmanship reveals a complex soul in the mould of Conor Oberst and an alternative take on romance with its escape, euphoria and inevitable endings. The pain of grief is laid bare on the haunting Always With Us, but is contrasted skilfully with a devious sense of humour during the album’s quirkier moments: Brave Marine Explorer´s tale of underwater love, Sham White Wedding´s Divine Comedy-esque take on wedding fatigue and escapist second single Wanderlust´s irresistible tuneage.

Each song is carved straight from the light or dark side of hope and experience, with the lyrical intrigue supported beautifully by the band’s big, thundering multi-instrumental sound and compelling rhythms. The band’s musical influences permeate throughout, with echoes of Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, Radiohead and Suede.

In the age of the disposable digital download, Wolventrix have defied the trend with Ours Till Dawn and produced a real album, a traditional LP, but one where each of the eleven tracks retains its own identity. NME.COM has described the London 5-piece as “turbulent”, which makes complete sense as we move from the dusk of first single Electrical Storm to the dawn of epic closer Sylvie through this perfect storm of an album.


Ours Till Dawn
The Berlin EP