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For their debut single Perfect Silence, the publicity-shy Swedish electronic musicians Radiotapes are making common cause with the Austrian artpop duo DRAMAS and attach great importance to remaining in the background.

By chance, the Swedes came across DRAMAS and Victoria Winter’s charismatic voice on a local college radio in 2018, which was followed by a surprising invitation to produce a song together. Perfect Silence is the result and already caused enthusiastic audience reactions in an early version at DRAMAS live shows – but it should take almost another year until the single now will be released regularly in February 2020.

To date, Radiotapes neither have an official web presence nor do social media appearances indicate who is actually behind the pseudonym. They prefer to keep it that way. Only a rumor says that the two are no strangers to their professions in their home country and started Radiotapes to anonymously pursue their passion for electronic sounds and synthesizers.

Within the last two years, enough material for an entire album was created in their Stockholm studio and DRAMAS half Mario Wienerroither is not entirely uninvolved in the fact that things are now happening one after the other. As co-producer of some of the Radiotapes tracks he has also established contact with the label.


Touch This Girl
Perfect Silence (feat. DRAMAS)