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Loretta Who

The fascinating artist, producer and singer Loretta Who lives and works in Vienna. Following successful projects and collaborations with artists such as Albin Janoska (SOHN) or Hubert Mauracher (Mauracher) she now presents her own distinctive musical microcosm as a solo artist.

The teaser single 'Virtue', co-produced with Bernhard Hammer (Elektro Guzzi) soon found itself on radio playlists around the world and was featured in numerous renowned music blogs from Germany and England to the USA.

Loretta causes a stir wherever she goes, drawing the audience under her spell with her strong stage presence and unique style, which brings together electronic and analogue soundscapes. The long-awaited solo debut 'Virtue EP' has been officially released on in September 2015, and includes the singles 'All Over Me' and 'Virtue'.

A new single is coming in 2018. More details soon.

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Virtue EP



Tour Dates

May, 12. 2017 - Fabrique 15 Labelnight @ Radiokulturhaus, Vienna