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Jana Irmert

Jana Irmert is an acclaimed Berlin based sound and media artist. Being interested in the vague, irrational, less tangible aspects of existence, she translates inner images into atmospheric audiovisual or sonic spaces that invite the listener to connect with them.

Having produced both solo pieces and numerous collaborations, her work features electroacoustic multichannel compositions, audiovisual installations and joint projects with filmmakers, dancers and visual artists. Her compositions and installations have been presented at international festivals and exhibitions such as the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, Sound Explicit (Slovenia), the I-Park Environmental Arts Biennale (USA), the Academy of Arts Berlin and the Banff Centre (Canada).

Jana Irmert’s debut album End of Absence was released in 2016 on Fabrique Records followed by various radio features around the globe. One of the album tracks has also been selected for the EUROPEAN SOUNDART AWARD 2016 exhibition. In 2017 Jana Irmert has been invited by British avantgarde composer Christopher James Chaplin to rework his epic piece Aelia Laelia. Her impressive new version has been included on Chaplin's versatile Deconstructed Remix EP.

FLOOD (album released in July 2018)

"An innovative sound that oscillates like the bridge between robots and future tech. It is a look to the skies, beyond the distant clouds, to other galactic bodies. Yes, FLOOD is space age music for a new generation. Breathtaking!" (Toneshift)

"Jana Irmert has created a metaphoric world of billowing harmonic clouds, gently crackling sounds and abstracted field recordings. All three parts of the album are marked by perpetual subtle shifts, memory turning into an imperfect compass: You can walk through the music in all directions without ever passing the same point twice.

Inside this world of concrete sounds and pure abstractions, of organic timbres and alien noises, all sense of perspective is lost: What is far can seem close, tiny sounds suddenly appear enormous. In a sense, FLOOD is about the desire for change, a sensation that fills us both with anticipation and anxiety. That is why this album is more than just a sonic novel, and why there is more than one story to it - just enter the flood and allow the current to carry you far, far away“ (by Tobias Fischer)


Deconstructed (Remix EP)



Tour Dates

Oct, 20. 2018 - live @ Silent Green w/ Christopher Chaplin, Berlin (D)
Sep, 01. 2018 - live @ Festival Noite Branca, Braga (PRT)
May, 08. 2018 - live @ ausland, Berlin (D)
Oct, 13. 2017 - FLOOD, live premiere @ CRCLR, Berlin (D)
May, 12. 2017 - Fabrique 15 Label Night @ ORF Radiokulturhaus, Vie (A)