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DRAMAS are an electro-/art pop duo, formed in 2016 by Viktoria Winter and Mario Wienerroither. DRAMAS are driven by rather unconventional chord progressions and structures, sparse and subtle synthesis of organic sounds, a blend of soft yet powerful synths, crisp percussion and vocal harmonies. DRAMAS portray subconscious impressions and conflicts which have entered consciousness; the lyrics stand out with opposing and contradictory pairs: lightness and weight, permanence and transience, spirit and flesh, all of which feature as essential elements of the songs themselves.

"So happy, I could die”, sings Viktoria Winter in the title track of the new EP “Flatline”. It’s a phrase whose contradictory nature is made for the Vienna-based duo: Everything has to end some time, so why not when happiness reaches its peak? DRAMAS have skilfully mastered the art of the in-between: Between a heavy heart and the knowledge that everything changes, that nothing stands still. Between life’s big questions and carnal lust. Between the will of the flesh and the weakness of the spirit. Between the transience of things and their eternal meaning. Between being together and being alone. Between lightness and weight. Between the analog and the digital, piano and electronica. Between the 80s and today, playful pop and subtle drama. Between the clam but touching, and the melancholic yet hopeful. And in general: between her and him, their musical dialogue giving light to the contradictory nature of our existence. But don’t mistake the approach of Viktoria Winter and Mario Wienerroither, who formed as a duo in 2016, as indecisiveness. Quite the opposite - the shades between black and white are more interesting and true to life than either end of the spectrum.

All of these gradations came together as an impressive whole in the band’s acclaimed debut album “Nothing Is Permanent” (2018). Now they take their next step forward with the new EP, “Flatline”. The great success of their debut - reflected in compelling TV appearances, a tour, and reaching the top of a major German radio station’s listener charts - has spurred the duo on to think bigger and more internationally, more aware of themselves and their style. 

Viktoria Winter’s “So happy I could die” forces its way out of the speakers, along with the horns of Mario Wienerroither’s machinery. But it’s not just the melancholy in Winter’s voice reminding us that good luck and misfortune do not lie far apart, and DRAMAS still feel most at home between the poles."  (by Manuel Fronhofer)

Albums supported by SKE Fonds.


Flatline EP
Nothing Is Permanent



Tour Dates

Jul, 25. 2019 - Popfest, Vienna (A)
Jul, 03. 2019 - Kino Siska, Ljubljana (SLO)
Jun, 29. 2019 - WUK, Vienna (A)
Apr, 20. 2019 - Spielboden, Dornbirn (A)
Jan, 19. 2019 - FM4 Fest @ Ottakringer Brauerei, Vienna (A)
Jan, 18. 2019 - w/ Cosmo Sheldrake @ Röda, Steyr (A)
Jan, 16. 2019 - w/ Cosmo Sheldrake @ Rockhouse, Salzburg (A)
Jan, 15. 2019 - w/ Cosmo Sheldrake @ Postgarage, Graz (A)